Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I like to make several batches of cobs before i apply them to the house . It gives the cobs time to bake in the sun a bit , and its nice to be able to make a long run at applying the cobs to the foundation.

Its like making mud pies on an adult level. the cobs turn out the best if you smash them and roll them over and over like dough. It keeps the air pockets out of the bricks.

I mix the dirt "which is clay, and sand", with the straw and water on tarps. I have found that it makes the mixing process alot easier by folding the tarp over the mud before stomping on it. I repeat this several times until i have a thick mud that i like.

Next I collect straw. Lucky for me all around my cob house is pine trees.

A lot of dirt is needed. I dig my dirt with a shovel and use a wheelbarrow to transport it to my cob house. I like to pile up the dirt next to my house so it is easy to access .This is probably the hardest part on the body, A few tons of dirt can add up quickly.

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